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Termite Control for Pensacola, FL

As we stated before, most home pests do not cause damage to the structure of your home. However, termites cause up to $5 billion in property damage each year! Did you know that termites feed on wood 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Imagine how much damage is done in one week, one month, or even one year!

Termites are small ant-like insects. They live in colonies and feed on wood. They are most attracted to dark and damp wood, so it is important to ensure that your home is properly built and treated. If you have water leaks, it is important to repair them immediately so you don’t create a perfect home for future termites. If these precautions fail to protect your home from an infestation, contact the termite control professionals at Pensacola Termite & Pest Control immediately.

termite control Pensacola, FL

Providing Outstanding Termite Control

There are some signs to look out for when it comes to identifying a termite problem. If you see any of the following, call Pensacola Termite & Pest Control today:

  • Swarming: If you see a lot of winged insects in one area, it may be a sign that a new colony is being formed. Look for these swarms in the spring. 

  • Hollow-sounding wood: Termites will find dark and damp wood to feed on, so this area is not easily seen. Rather, you will be able to hear the infestation due to the extreme eating of wood. 

  • Frass: This will look very similar to saw dust, but is actually the droppings of termites. They are continually eating and need to dispose of the excess dust as well as the wood they have eaten. 
If you suspect a termite problem, the best thing to do is to contact a trusted termite control company. For the Pensacola, FL community, Pensacola Termite & Pest Control is the company of choice. Our technicians are experienced with termite inspections and know precisely what to look for if a termite issue is suspected. If found, they will implement various termite control services to rid your home or business of the problem!

Call 850-466-1797 today for more information about our termite control services.

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